About company

Future Business Training Center

Our training center was created with the aim of giving business and career minded professionals the opportunity to change their future today. The main goal is to help you develop your communication and management skills to be more successful in the work environment.  We work for you and will provide you with the knowledge and experience we gained in the spheres of business, communication, management, and teaching. 


Our lecturers from the USA and Ukraine have years of professional experience in business and teaching.  Our lecturers have technical and managerial experience working for American and international corporations and teaching business, management and communication courses at international and linguistic universities. 


For individuals, courses will be offered at our training center for short-term trainings (up to 4 weeks) or long-term trainings (5 to 8 weeks).  The classes generally will be for 1.5 hours and held two times a week.  Classes will not exceed 15 participants in our efforts to provide more effective group discussions and trainings.

For companies, trainings will be tailored to meet your company’s needs.  Trainings can be held at your facilities or at our training center.  We can develop short-term training sessions (several hours), intensive training sessions (all day), and/or long-term training sessions (several weeks).

Classes generally will be conducted in English to provide you the opportunity to improve your language skills while developing your professional skills.  However, an interpreter will be provided for selected courses in which the participants are not at an intermediate level of English.

If you are not sure of your level of English, we will be glad to test you and, if necessary, offer you lessons to improve your English through an intensive program at one of our language schools. 

**At the end of a course, all participants will be tested and, based on the results, will receive a certificate acknowledging that participant has successfully fulfilled the requirements of the course.